Congratulations to our Egg Pocking Winners:

3rd Grade- Robert Gordon

4th Grade- Nadia Charles

Grand Champion- Nadia Charles


Congratulations to our Student of the Year and finalists:

John Bradley, Student of the Year

Finalists:  Leila Alexander and Ainsley Johnson






















Congratulations to our Spelling Bee participants and winners!

3rd Grade


Charlton Davis 

2nd Place- 3 way tie

Kal-el Jones 

Tessa Dilney 

Amelia Woodard 


4th Grade

1st place–Tina Nguyen 

2nd place- Aniya Lee 





Congratulations to our Young Authors Contest Winners:

3rd Grade:

Fiction 1st Je’Mia Cador
Fiction 1st Assata Firven
Fiction 2nd Luke Sowa
Fiction 3rd Amelia Woodard
Nonfiction 1st Reed Clouatre
Nonfiction 2nd Lauren Cavalier
Nonfiction 2nd Alec Abernathy
Nonfiction 3rd Nylah Craig
Poetry 1st Lauren Bradford
Poetry 1st Lillie Page
Poetry 2nd Marleigh Wright
Poetry 2nd Malayasia Clarck
Poetry 3rd Jniya Graham

4th Grade:

Fiction 1st Elli Rish
Fiction 2nd Shane Campbell
Fiction 3rd Nola Frazier
Poetry 1st John Bradley
Poetry 2nd Deborah Shobamowo
Poetry 3rd Jules Boudreaux






Congratulations to our World flag design winners:

First place:  Allyson O’Neal

Second place:  Malik Ward

Third Place:  Lily Smith

Fourth Place:  Talar Johnson

Fifth Place:  Nikki Hardy

Sixth Place:  John Bradley