Uniform Policies

Uniform Shirts
The uniform shirt is a navy blue or white, knit, short-sleeved or long-sleeved golf-style shirt with a collar. Shirts must be tucked into the pants and must be long enough to stay tucked when the arms are raised over the head. The style will be pullover, with buttons at the top. Shirts will not be excessively stained, faded, or frayed and will not have holes or cuts. The ZCSB logo is not required at this level, but no other logos are permitted on uniform shirts.
Only white, navy or black undershirts may be worn. Decals and other colors may not show through the material of the uniform shirt.

Uniform Slacks
Uniform slacks will be khaki. They should be a style worn at the waist and must have belt loops. They may not be rolled at the waist or ankle, nor may they be gathered by elastic at the ankle. Pants made of denim, corduroy, or any stretch fabric are prohibited. No slacks with pockets below the hips or wind pants may be worn. Tight fitting pants are unacceptable. No frayed hems or cuts on slacks will be allowed. All pants must be worn with a solid black, brown, cordovan, or navy belt. Belts must be visible (since elementary students do not dress out for PE, large or unusually shaped belt buckles should not be worn to school). Length of slacks must be to the top of the shoe.
***No sagging pants will be allowed.

Uniform Skirts/Shorts
Uniform khaki skirts, skorts, and jumpers may be worn by girls only. Skirts must be loose fitting and the length must be at least to the knee. Uniform shorts may be worn by boys and girls. Shorts may not be more than 3” above the knee. Shorts must have belt loops.

Shoes with closed toe and closed heel are required. Loafers, oxfords, and athletic style shoes are acceptable. Boots are not allowed. Sandals, flip flops, house shoes, slippers, Crocs, tennis shoes with wheels, Skeletoes, and similar types of shoes are not acceptable. Shoes with excessively high heels or excessively raised shoes are not permitted for safety reasons.
Socks must be worn, and they must be visible. Socks must be solid white, dark blue, black, or brown. Females may substitute neutral- colored stockings for socks. Leggings and jeggings may not be worn. Opaque tights may be worn in the following colors: White, Navy, Black, or Khaki.

Over Garments
If a jacket, coat, sweatshirt, etc. is worn in the building, it should be navy, white, black, brown, khaki, or gray. Logos cannot be more than 2 inches. Please place your child’s name on outer garments.

Boy Scout and Girl Scout uniforms may be worn to school on the day of a scheduled scout meeting.

“Free Dress” Guidelines:
o Student ID’s must be worn throughout the day.
o Belts must be worn properly around the waist –sagging pants are not allowed.
o Students MAY NOT wear any of the following items:
 NO backless, strapless or sleeveless shirts
 NO halter tops, tank tops, or belly shirts
 NO plain white T-shirts; shirts with inappropriate words, slogans or pictures
 NO pajamas or see-through items of any kind
 NO excessively tight or excessively loose items
 NO slippers, sandals, backless shoes or high heels
 NO skirts that are more than 3 inches above the knee, wind pants, sweat pants or warm-ups
 NO head-gear of any kind, including hats, caps, skull caps, head-bands or bandannas
The final interpretation of the “Free Dress” day code will be at the discretion of the administrators as whether or not the infraction will impair the learning environment.


Students are given a “break away” style lanyard. Please have them wear this lanyard only.

Due to safety reasons, no other style lanyard may be worn.
Thank you for your assistance.